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 An Update

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Chapter Master Arken


PostSubject: An Update   2014-07-03, 21:33

Okay guys, time for an update. My graduation party has been over for a couple of days now but there is still stuff that will impact my ability to roleplay for a few more days.

1) I won't be on today because of net related reasons but tomorrow or Saturday (even though I'll probably be traveling on Saturday at the latest) should be good.

2) This coming Monday and Tuesday I will not be able to roleplay as I will be going to my chosen college for orientation and class registration and that will eat up most of my time.

3) After next Monday and Tuesday I'll be in the clear to roleplay until late August when I start college. Until then, I'll be far more active and I'll probably be able to get Hermit back into being a bit more active on the site as we've both been busy. See you guys tomorrow at the earliest.
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An Update
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