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 Rebirth of a Primarch

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Shas'O Ar'Kais


PostSubject: Rebirth of a Primarch   2014-06-17, 17:00

Three life Lazarus.
Lazarus the Immortal.
The dreadnought had been found, the Imperial Fists found Lazarus fighting a band of heretical guard, shrugging off Lascannons and heavy bolters as he crashed through the lines, flamer and assault cannon blazing.
Lazarus had been recovered and brought before the Phlanax, meeting with the Chapter Master Vorn Hagen...
For a matter, some would consider grim.

"High Marshal Lazarus, how are you brother?" The former 5th Company Captain formed the sign of the Aquilla to Lazarus, the dreadnought gazed upon him, honoured.

"I am fine Vorn Hagen, however I ache to reunite with my brothers, why have you kept me here for so long...my heart aches, surely in the name of brotherhood our chapters have, you would not deny them their former master."

Hagen took a grim turn, turning away from Lazarus.

"How long have you been entombed Lazarus?"
"Little over a year Vorn, what is this about?"

Vorn set upon his throne and looked upon the dreadnought.
"Tell me Lazarus, do you know of Aubrey the Gray?"
"Of course, Aubrey is a secret not known to the the masses...only to the highest of the Inquisition, the sentinels of Terra...and the Primarchs..."

"Aubrey, was their brother Primarch, of the Legion II, a remarkable man from what I was told, he was wise and had an ability not many possessed, his ability was his regeneration, what would could fell a Primarch, he would stand up, a mere few days later."
His fall was a tragic one, you see Aubrey, before he was found, following the Primarchs Russ and Horus, he was brought up by an Xenos race, the Tarellians, a race that prided their martial skill, as a human, he was brought into the lowest caste, the doctors and medical men."

"It is an interesting story, but why are you telling me this?!" The Dreadnought grew impatient.

"I am getting to that, He grew, his want to heal the sick, the lowly, he revealed his skill to the Xenos, making his way through the castes and rank, becoming a leader, a commended general of the Xenos."
"it was then that the Emperor found him, the recently found Russ by his cuff, Russ considered him a coward and weak for his idealologies"

"Soon the other Primarchs were found, however, at this point, six of the primarchs became concerned, Horus, Russ, Manus, Fulgrim, Dorn and Guilliman, had questioned Aubrey upon his use of Xeno Auxiliary, which he had barely been able to convince the Emperor of keeping..."

"Vulkan and Magnus were quick friends to Aubrey, Magnus respected his knowledge and Vulkan his kindness, Horus had seen wise words in his cautionary method of deployment, although his Legion were the hardiest of all, shruging off wounds that would injure most astartes..."

"However, the Xenos he had been raised with, he vouched for...betrayed him, a rogue army had cornered Aubrey after he had fought hard attempting to reunite a planet of humans into the Imperium, they had murdered him, cauterising his wounds so he would not be able to heal and they ended him, the Eternal Zealots and their Auxiliary broke into fighting."

"The assassination reached to Russ who had been fighting alongside the Legion, so he left very suddenly, filled with rage to avenge his brother, going to their homeworld where the Eternal Zealots had half of their forces stationed, going in head first...what happened next was considered one of the worst miscommunications in Imperial History...The Tarellian rogue cells claimed their Primarchs assassination was caused by none other than Russ."

"After alot of fighting, eventually Magnus stepped in, having heard of the betrayal, bringing evidence to light, the Zealots, weakened were set upon by the Tarellians, only a few thousand were evacuated...the Tarellians however, for their betrayal, had their world subjected to exterminatus, the Emperor wept that day for the kindest of his sons."

"...5000 were then given to the Ultramarines, the last remnants of their legion...the gene seed locked away, until a proper time to revive the Legion, it was held closely to the chest of the Ultramarines...until the Sentinels of Terra, the Imperial Fists, had taken it from them...so our chapter waited until the time they could be revived, for someone of Aubreys character arrived...until you came."

Hagen looked at Lazarus intently, the Dreadnought seemed to be stunned
"Wh-what do you mean?" Lazarus stammered out.

"Open your tomb..." Hagen stalked forward, unlocking the seals of the dreadnoughts tomb.

"What are you doing, stop this, sto-"
It was then that Lazarus, once again for a while, took in a lung full of fresh air as he was presented...

His body had changed, he was larger, his skin had taken a light grey palor, his eyes were a shining emerald green, his hair had grown out, his formerally scarred bald head changed to flowing locks of ebony black...he pulled out his various wires in his body and fell into Vorn Hagens arms.

"What has...happened?"

Hagen smiled to him.
"You have been reborn, we had planned this for a while...you see the gene seed of your chapter, The Templars of Lazarus, is neither fist nor templar, is it the seed of the Legion II, the Eternal Zealots...and you...your gene seed is over-writen when you were entombed...slowly over the year, Aubreys gene seed allowed you to recover from your wounds."
Lazarus recoiled in shock.
"The technology for that has been lost, it is..."
"Heresy? The Mechanicus don't agree, well, a certain Magos had been willing to sacrifice their technology for you, for the revival of Aubrey, well a form of Aubrey."

Lazarus looked in shock as he walked towards a window, looking out at the stars, Vorn watching him.

"You have been reborn...as a Primarch"

Lazarus looked at his hands, larger than before...

"Thank you...Aubrey, but now I am Lazarus Aubrey Dorian...the Reborn."
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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth of a Primarch   2014-06-19, 23:36

Ooc: apart from discarding the blood angels, I like it.
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Rebirth of a Primarch
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