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 Where's Arken been?

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Chapter Master Arken


PostSubject: Where's Arken been?   2014-06-05, 23:59

Wow, I haven't been on for...what, a week, almost two (Gorath could probably tell)? Anyway, I think I owe you all an explanation and an apology so...sorry for not being on lately. The answer to "Where's Arken been?" comes down to this: finals, finals, finals. School is almost over for me and I've been working my rear off getting finals done. Now, the good news is that I'm down to one final. The bad news is that studying for it has been incredibly time consuming and this final is shaping up to be the most difficult and time consuming of them all. Some extra good news is that after Saturday I'll be free and will only have a few Summer, extra-curricular based activities to worry about and these probably won't prevent me from being on more frequently, barring anything major. Anyway, I hope you guys are all well and here's hoping I'll be back as soon as I possibly can.
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Where's Arken been?
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