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 In Regards to the Latest FG News Post

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Chapter Master Arken


PostSubject: In Regards to the Latest FG News Post   2014-05-03, 21:37

Okay, I saw and read the news post and Nazamroth's response to it. I'll be frank, I agree that we have outgrown FG. That much is obvious and I think this site should remain. Further, we do seem to have a growing community despite how young the site is. We have regular visitations by guests and two have already registered. Also, we should consider the fact that FG is a Warhammer 40k fan site and I don't think say...our new Warhammer Fantasy RP would be appropriate for FlashGitz. We have options that were not available to us on FG, such as the potential for a Creative Writing section (original works, fanfics, etc) and such a section may help the site grow (I for one enjoy a good fic and there are plenty of others who do as well).
    However, all that being said I do agree with Tom that the RP was/is part of FG culture. Now, I have an idea for this but it is something that will have to be carefully considered. I propose that we become a sibling site to FG. Tom and Don could code in a button on the main FG page for the roleplay. When clicked, it will take users to a page describing the history of the RP and the eventual move to this site. This page will also include a link and notification that one will have to register for this site. In this way, the RP part of the community stays connected to FG and we don't clutter up the FG comments section and people who find this site without knowledge of FG can be introduced to the zaniness that is regularly dreamed up by our two favorite Gitz. I understand some of the issues that Nazamroth brought up in his post on FG regarding this site but honestly for something that was set up quickly and designed to be simple I think we have something great here. Once I got used to RPing here I found the new site, its layout and format, and its notification system to be a great environment for roleplaying. I want you all to be honest in regards to what you think about this suggestion as if we become the legitimate sibling site of FG we may see an influx of new RPers and FG may see an influx of new viewers and this is no small matter. Again, I encourage everyone to think hard on this and to be honest in their input. Thank you.

Edit: Very Important Addendum!!! As per Gorath's suggestion below, I have also posted the above thoughts and proposal on the FG news posts. I realize I asked for the input of others but when Gorath made his suggestion I decided it would be important Tom and Don to be included in this discussion in someway, even if all I did was just give them another option. The feedback of others is still welcome and we can contact Tom and Don with further ideas/further addendum to this proposal/etc. Please give honest input!!!

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PostSubject: Re: In Regards to the Latest FG News Post   2014-05-03, 22:37

I like your thoughts. you should post it on the FG thing see what they say
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In Regards to the Latest FG News Post
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