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PostSubject: Adaptation   2015-02-12, 13:33

She could hear them. The voices. They were talking about her. As she sat in her room curled up against the corner she could hear their every word, speaking as if she was not there. As if she could not hear them. “But that is impossible!” The first voice spoke “She is ten years old!”
“Like it or not, she did this.” Replied the second. She liked the second one, it was softer and kinder than the first one.
“How could she have designed this? How could she have programmed this? It just doesn’t make sense!” spoke the first voice once more. She didn’t like the first voice. It was louder, more pompous. She guessed the speaker didn’t like her either. “I mean this is a fully fledged Artificial intelligence we are talking about! None of our best scientists have been able to come up with something this sophisticated! And the body... This is just impossible!”
“It probably has something to do with her condition.  Besides, what are you going to do?” Asked the second voice “Ignore the designs because you don’t believe she did it?”
There was a long silence before the first voice answered. “No, but I’m not bringing her into this! She’s too young! And I highly doubt she created this!”
“We don’t have a single person who understands this enough to get it working, or how to build the body,” The second voice explained, sounding more and more impatient with the first “But she does. She comes.”
They talked for a little while longer but this was the point she disconnected from what they were saying. She just wanted them to go away. For them to leave her alone in her room. She wanted to be with her friend. But the voices didn’t go away. A few minutes later the panel on her door lit up as the door slid open, revealing two men stood in the doorway. She did not look up from her curled position as they entered, trying her best to ignore them. “Hayley” Spoke one of the men as he crouched in front of her. She recognized it as the second voice from outside. “Hayley, can you hear me?” She did not answer. She just remained curled against the wall. She could hear the other man, the one who’s voice she did not like, sighing in the background.
“You know she can’t.” He informed the other man with certainty “If she doesn’t want to hear you she’ll just block you out.”
“Hayley, I need you to come with us,” The crouching man began “I need you to come with us.” She did not respond. “It’s about your friend. We want you to make his body for us.”
That statement penetrated her mind like a bullet, seeming to shake her out of her still silence. Slowly she raised her head, her dark brown hair covering her face. Slowly she moved her lips to reply. “D-do you really mean that?”
Smiling the crouching figure held out his hand to her as the other man looked on in surprise. “I do. I promise.”
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PostSubject: Re: Adaptation   2015-02-13, 21:07

Chapter One

Eight years later

Beads of sweat dripped slowly down Private Grissen’s face as he aimed his rifle slowly into the blackness of the ship’s cargo bay. Around him the rest of his squad did likewise, keeping the bay’s entrance firmly within their sights, their fingers hovering wearily over the triggers of their weapons. For Ten long minutes they waited silently, the only noise around them being the whispering of the wind through the jungle’s trees and the blazing fire coming from the shipwreck before them. Ten minutes they waited, but to Grissen it seemed like an eternity. He hated waiting. The fighting, the killing he could deal with, but it was the anticipation, the endless silence that built up to it that he couldn’t stand. Finally the silence was broken by a screech from within the ship as a lone human figure stumbled out of the darkness, his body coated in blood, his face filled with terror. Grissen was so jumpy he almost opened fire then and there, but he managed to restrain himself. Sergeant Harles lowered his rifle as he cautiously approached the man. “Are you alright?” he inquired, the rest of the squad keeping their weapons trained on him. Before he could respond the man’s knee exploded with blood, causing him to scream and fall to the floor. As Harles once again raised his weapon the man was dragged screaming back into the blackness of the cargo bay. The next few seconds were horrifying to behold as the jungle around them echoed with the sounds of the man’s screams as he was ripped apart, unseen in the darkness of the cargo bay. A terrible growling came from the blackness as the murderer charged the squad. The following gunfire drowned out the soldiers’ screams.

As the last enemy soldier fell the city’s defenders let up a cheer of victory from their barricades, the ensuing din echoing through the trees around them. The jungle surrounding the city had already begun to stink with the stench of the slain warriors from the previous battle. The streets leading to the city’s main gate were cluttered with bodies lying where they had fallen and the empty smoking shells of lumbering battle tanks and great siege walkers, their hulls bearing great scars from laser and explosive weaponry. Colonel Raegor smiled behind his Helmet as he surveyed the scene. His Cenobus Command Mech bore many scars from the battle. The knee was riddled with dents from small arms fire, and his shoulder bore several burn marks from low power energy weapons. His suit’s energy shielding had however kept the enemy’s heavy weapons from causing him any form of harm. Looking down at the cockpit display, he surveyed the various blinking lights on the various screens. Shields at 75%, Gatling guns ammunition at 60%, Anti-tank missiles at 40%, Anti-infantry missiles at 30%, Anti-air missiles at 100%. The heavy laser was down to 10% charge and plasma mortar was down to 30%. The EMP was unused. Glancing over these he saw his communicator light blinking, indicating someone was trying to contact him. The screen identified them as Sergeant Derina. Raegor smiled at the image of her on the screen before he answered as he recalled the memories of the drunken night they had spent together the night before. As he pushed the answer button a live feed of the sergeant appeared on screen. “Talk to me D,” He grinned “What’s up?”
“Rae,” She began, affectionately referring to him by his nickname “you remember the scout squad you sent out to investigate the downed ship a couple of clicks north of here?”
Raegor frowned under his helmet “Squad Harles, what about them?”
“They stopped reporting in. Scans say their life signs are either low or gone.” 
“What was their last report?” Asked the colonel, leaning forward in his command chair.
“They were just approaching the shipwreck, and had identified the ship.” She took a deep breath before continuing “Sir…. It was the Varysson.”
Raegor knew the name well. As the situation sank in his mind raced, thinking of what to do next. Finally he replied “Thanks for the update D. I’ll pass this onto command immediately. And D,” He continued, smiling under his helmet “Will I be seeing you in my quarters later for a little… victory celebration?”
Derina chuckled a little before replying. “We’ll see Colonel,” She answered, winking at him “We’ll see.”

General Mordekai ‘One Eye’ Vorkus strode down the long white corridors of the facility. Behind him on either side marched his pair of bodyguards, clad in black and red armour, holding rifles that had long ago ceased to be standard issue through years of heavy modification. The news from Colonel Raegor had reached him two hours earlier, and had caused a huge stir amongst Colossan High command. After much debate the high Marshal had sent Vorkus to the facility to finally check if the last eight years of research, work and billions of credits had finally paid off. At the other end of the corridor, outside a heavily sealed door stood a pair of seven foot warriors in black armour, their faces hidden behind leering, skull faced helms. They raised their weapons as he approached as the general reached into his pocket. ‘Bloody nuisance’ he thought to himself as he produced his ID. At the sight of the ID the guards lowered their weapons and saluted before one of them turned to an access panel, entering the twenty six digit passcode to unseal the great door before them. As it slid open the General returned the salute and entered the door. Behind it was a square elevator with another of the guards stood beside the control panel. The general frowned as he stepped inside and the guard turned to the control panel. ‘So many guards…’ He thought to himself ‘I guess this is as important as the rumours suggest.’ The lift sped upwards as incredible speed as it headed up into the highest levels of the tower. Vorkus scratched at the empty socket where his left eye had once been as he stared out of the window of the lift. They were hundreds, maybe thousands of meters up now, and climbing with incredible speed. Despite his awe at the height and the view he was not surprised. He had heard the girl likes to be up high. Something about the view and the cold air. It apparently helped her feel better. From what he had heard the girl’s mind was like an enigma. She would appear to be distracted or distant, and yet her mind would be working on a hundred different things at once. She was a true genius, and yet socially she was just... odd was the best word to describe her, although different also fit. She hated to interact with other human beings. The few times she was forced into human interaction she was always blunt and direct. It was unnerving to say the least. Vorkus was not looking forward to this meeting, but then again he had little choice in the matter. The news about the Varysson had... escalated things.
On the top floor the door slid open. This entire floor was dedicated to the girl’s Lab. Due to her supposed love of the view every wall and floor was made entirely of some kind of incredibly dense see through material, allowing whoever was in the room to see the world beneath them for miles around. It also had a tendency for those in the room with a fear of heights to pack a spare pair of underwear. The general strode into the room, followed closely by his bodyguard. On the other side of the room was the girl, her back to the general as she huddled over her computer screen. Before the general could say anything she spoke; “Let me guess, General. This is something to do with the Varysson.” The general was taken aback by this but before he could question it she continued “The Varysson went missing about a week ago. I can’t dig up any information about what the ship was doing or anyone aboard so I assume it was top secret, and important. And according to the radio messages I hacked into, you just lost a scout squad who just happen to have found it. And you most likely want my help, or at least my friend’s help should he be complete, in sorting this out. Is that about right?”
Vorkus was amazed. He had heard she was a genius but this was just incredible. He managed to keep his composure as he replied “Correct, very perceptive Hayley. The Varysson was one of our science vessels. Bio weapons division.”
Hayley turned around when she heard this, brushing her thick ginger hair out of her face, although she kept the same distant, disinterested expression she always wore. Science vessels were essentially science labs that could fly, equipped with the best stealth systems money could buy. The idea behind this was to use the combination of them constantly being on the move, and the stealth systems to keep the enemy from finding and destroying the labs, and taking whatever was inside. “Bio weapons? What kind of bio weapons?”
“Genetic experiments. Still chasing that damned super soldier wild goose chase.” Vorkus almost groaned as he said this. Humanity had been attempting to create super soldiers for nearly a decade. Every single time had been a complete failure, doing nothing but creating mutated abominations against nature that had to be put down for their own sake. It had technically become a crime to create such creatures out of men. A technicality their military had chosen to ignore for the sake of victory. “Last transmission we got from them said they were onto some kind of breakthrough. Then they stopped reporting in.”
“Let me guess,” Hayley interrupted “You think whatever they created took the ship down from the inside. And now it’s loose.” The general gave a grim nod. “And you want my friend to track it down and/or kill him/her/it.” The general nodded again. Hayley responded with the closest thing to a smile she ever showed as the corners of her mouth moved slightly. “You’re in luck.” She span around in her chair before getting to her feet. "His body is almost ready for the upload.” She led the general across the room to where a great black sarcophagus like pod stood against the wall. Placing her hand against a computer screen on the side of it, she spoke aloud the passphrase; “I am Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end.” As she spoke this the computer her hand was against lit up as it scanned her hand. Vorkus raised an eyebrow at the passphrase. He had not expected religious quotation from the girl. The computer beeped in verification as the sarcophagus began to hiss as the door shifted, moving forward about a foot before lifting away from the sarcophagus. Steam poured forth from behind the door obscuring whatever was behind it. As the steam dissipated a light from the back of the sarcophagus revealed a large silhouetted figure. A smile crept across the general’s lips as the figure was revealed to him. The robot had a broad, thick chest made up of multiple layers of armour plating. Upon his shoulders were multiple horizontal angular plates to protect his unarmoured joints from ranged fire.  Upon his back there were multiple intakes and thrusters as evidence of the robot’s jet pack. Upon its arms was clear evidence of the so called ‘living metal’, a substance able to adapt itself almost at will, which the general assumed would allow the robot to create new weapons and other similar things in mid battle from its own outer coating. It’s arms were long and thin, almost like wings with an elbow joint in the middle. It’s head was almost ball shaped, but with a flat top and bottom. on either side was a flat, metal antennae, and where the mouth and nose would be, a metal plate, similar to the faceguard of a suit of armour from the dark ages. Directly in the center of its upper face, was a single, cyclopean eye, metal plates held in place by tiny robotic arms, acting like eyebrows to this great oculus. Hayley turned to the general. “general Vorkus, meet Straxus.”
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