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 The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)

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Local Bat Enthusiast

PostSubject: Re: The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)   2015-02-20, 00:47

Alans snack bar
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)   2015-02-20, 05:36

*All that stands between you and Albyon itself are a pair of defence monitors, a carrier, a Battle Cruiser, and the wreckage of the once grand fleet.*

OOC: Defence monitors trade speed and manoeuvrability for superior armour and a devastating main weapon. Of the vessels imperial forces have encountered, there are two types of monitor: One armed with what is effectively a 'Godsbane' lance and one armed with a fairly accurate macro-cannon.

Carriers are similar to the monitors, they have heavier armour than their imperial counterparts but lack a larger compliment of aircraft as a result. (All spacecraft are also smaller than their imperial counterparts)

Battlecruisers are not heavily armoured and thus is the fastest vessel you will come up against, it will outrun your battleships and outguns anything smaller.

The carriers carry two types of aircraft: a fighter, designated by imperials as 'Venom' and a Torpedo bomber designated as 'Fairy'
The 'Venom' is a highly manoeuvrable air superiority fighter, it is a tiny target when compared its imperial counterpart; The Fury.
It is inferior in only three regards: Raw speed, firepower, and range(how far it can fly without cutting the throttle), it is superior in every other category.
Veterans recommend diving on 'Venoms' and unleashing hell before zooming off, they say that turning or staying on the tail of a 'Venom' is suicide due to enemy pilots habit of cutting the throttle and flipping the aircraft to bring its forward firing weapons to bare on a target chasing their craft.
They have been known to carry 8 anti-spacecraft missiles, 4 nose mounted autocannons and a pair of lascannons in the wingtips.

The 'Fairy' is larger than a 'Venom' and carries torpedos, it is slower and less manoeuvrable than the 'Venom', but makes up for that with 8 defensive autocannons located around the craft. 4 are mounted in the tail, 2 are mounted on top of the fuselage and two at the bottom of the fuselage almost directly opposite the above turret.
Veterans reccomend engaging either from the front or from range, under no circumstances should a pilot sir in the gunners sights as that is suicide and a waste of the emperors resources.

At your disposal:
1 Retribution class battleship
1 Emperor class (Pretty much your carrier)
3 Lunar class cruisers
2 Sword class frigates (Escorts for the Battleship)
6 Cobra class destroyers (Like to get up close and personal, really fast, no armour)
And Raevan's Battle Barge/Cruiser thingy (I forgot)

This is the last of the Albyon Empire's Grand Fleet', you will have numerical superiority, you will outgun them, and crush the fools beneath the boots of the Imperium.
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)   2015-02-20, 05:41

Is the above alright??

Also once you defeat the fleet you can bombard the planet (You'll kill literally everything except for 2 cities, no one will survive said bombardment if they're not in the two cities)
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Captain Raeven


PostSubject: Re: The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)   2015-02-20, 09:27

wait, am i just waiting out of range? a battle barge could just swan into the middle of that and murder everything
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PostSubject: Re: The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)   2015-02-20, 10:04

Okilily dokily I couldn't be more confused.
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)   2015-02-20, 16:37

OOC: A battle barge could fly out by itself, said battle barge would get wrecked

I have noticed a slight problem with the whole campaign thing...I'm terrible with descriptions and making things balanced (see my characters in everything) soo this will likely end badly.

Plus if I keep confusing Nerus he won't be able to do anything

In either case to explain what I failed to get across, I was setting up a final stand style thing with the last few vessels of the 'Grand Fleet', the only problem being that GW don't like giving out information and a 3 dimensional battle is highly dependant on certain pieces of information like: maximum sub light velocity, acceleration that I can understand, weapon hard points, effective range, weapons traverse range/traverse speed(how far/fast it can turn), shield capacity, shield strength, force imparted by a successful hit, stuff like that which makes things more realistic?...VIRTUALISTIC!
Yes that's the word.
Basically I was trying to set up a naval engagement...it's pretty obvious I failed.

*sigh* should I even bother trying to set up a ground battle seeing as I over complicate things and we all know that you will be victorious and my guys will likely be OP and lore breaking
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Local Bat Enthusiast


PostSubject: Re: The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)   2015-02-20, 18:48

im trying to think of a wickadey wack monologue to introduce my assassin dudes
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)   2015-02-26, 23:43

Smoke blots out the morning sun as a new day dawns.
The fighting has been harsh and the men are weary, knowing that once they breach the walls they will be fighting the very people they're bringing to the Emperor's light.
The Sisters if battle have claimed the only planet that was successfully conquered without the use of WMDs, and are now forming a shrine world. Whether they will succeed or not is questionable as the populace deny the existence of all gods even when faced by the holiest of warriors.

In local orbit a battlefleet holds superiority, the last of the local fleet having fallen back to an uninhibited planet close to the systems star.
There is no doubt that they will attempt to aid the besieged populace, by any means necessary.

(Raeven) A 20 man detachment of your marines currently encamped with the imperial forces planet side. You, the remaining men and your surviving titans are in orbit aboard your Battle Barge, you have also revived reports of the Iron Hand chapter having sent a company to aid in taking the final cities.

(Nerus) You penal regiment is currently stationed closest to the city, they will be the first unit into the city. What you do now is up to you.

(Lilentos) The Iron Hands have sent a single company to aid the few imperial forces on the planet.

You will soon make contact with the imperial fleet stationed above the planet, what you do there is your choice.
But the Chapter Master himself has given you a mission that must be achieved above all else.
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PostSubject: Re: The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)   

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The fall of Albyon (Dead....I guess)
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